About us

GUSTO A Research Group is a name of a group of researchers from different fields. This group founded firstly as an entrepreneur group and later converted as a research group in 2014. This group currently acting as an entrepreneur in fundamental research. Members of GUSTO mainly from different universities of Bangladesh. Many of the group members prepared different tutorials video on how to conduct research and prepare a manuscript for publication. Till now, we have got more than 80000 views on YouTube. We already conducted 10 scientific research workshop, where we trained more than 400 students.

Motto: To remove all barriers in the way of scientific research.


  1. 1st runner-up in “Idea Generation Competition” at “Tech Fest 2014”.
  2. Best Poster for “In vivo analgesic effect of methanol extract of Enhydra fluctuans leaves in mice and in silico Molecular docking, PASS prediction of some isolated compounds from this plant” at International Conference on Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology (ICISET 2016) on 28-29th October at International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC).
  3. Best Research Paper. International Conference on Quality for Sustain Development (ICQSD) on 25-27th November 2016 at Port City International University.

Our Sectors

Drug Discovery from Natural Sources

Evaluation of the different biological activity of plant extracts on the experimental animal (In vivo) and in vitro way. Then the activity co-related with molecular docking with respective receptor with isolated compounds (ligand) from plants. PASS prediction and QSAR modeling are for prediction of activity related to structural similarity. Then ADME/T property analysis perform to measure the safety of examining compounds.

Business Section

To find out absenteeism in different companies. Also, find out solutions to existing business problems.

Geophysics & Environmental Group

To find out the alternative energy sources and it impacts on the environment.

Our team

Scientific Publications
Conference Papers & Posters
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What our advisors say

GUSTO is the best research group to me. Within a short time, it will be a leading research group in Bangladesh.

Md. Mominur Rahman PhD Researcher, Southern Cross University, Australia

With GUSTO, you can learn how to conduct research and publish your work. So, learn research from their tutorials and apply it in your work.

Mir Muhammad Nasir Uddin PhD Researcher, Australia